Accommodation Regulations

For International Students in TUST

1. The registered international students, willing to abide by the relevant regulations of the university, are allowed to live in the international students’ dormitory. Please read the regulations carefully before checking in.

2.All International students shall comply with the international student regulations, respect the service staff. Any activities violate the laws of China and the rules of TUST are prohibited. Anyone against the law of China will be sent to the police and against the rules of TUST will be disposed by school.

3.The international students must stay in the specified room and shouldn't exchange or occupy the room without permission. The administrative staff will ask the student to change the room while there is a vacant bed. Turning over the room key and subletting the room without permission is not allowed. If the students have some special requirements, please ask the staff in Room Department.

4.The room is equipped with the household appliances (TV, telephone, desk lamps, air conditioning, water heaters, etc.), furniture and bedding. Please check and keep everything carefully before living at the room.

5. The date for paying room charge is the first three days of each month. At the first time, the room rate is required to pay for more than one month. And if students living duration is less than one month, the room rate will be counted as one entire month. If the rate has been not paid for one week, it will be regarded as checking out automatically. The administrative department will arrange other students to live in.

6.Rooms are used only for the international students registered. And students are not allowed to invite other people to live in. The service staff will check the rooms periodically. If the registered student violates this item: he or she will be charged doubled room-rate for the first time, and tripled room-rate for the second time. If student he or she violates at the third time, students will be prohibited to live in the dormitory.

7.The equipment and furniture in the rooms are not allowed to be exchanged or moved out of the rooms privately.

8. Please check out and return the key to the reception desk in time while leaving the university.

9.Please take good care of your personal belongings. Please lock the door, and close the window while leaving the room. And please unplug the plugs when going out or traveling.

10. Please keep the room clean. Pets are not allowed in the room. In order to keep the building clean, furniture and other goods must not be stacked in case of any damage and loss.

11. The international students must not dance, play music and talk loudly in the room. Gambling, drug taking and dealing and other illegal activities are strictly prohibited. Once found will be punishment seriously.

12. Please save the power. The electric power in the room is only for lighting and low power electrical appliances. To avoid the breaking out of fire and the loss, gas or fuel oil cooker and electric heating equipment (such as electric stove, electric heater, electric blankets and other high-power electric appliances) are strictly prohibited. If such kinds of things are found, all of them will be confiscated. 13. International students may cook in the public kitchen, but cannot cook in the dormitory. Otherwise, the cookware will be confiscated and punishment will be given.

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