Research Overview

Nature Sciences

The Science and Technology Department is responsible for the development plan of Natural Sci-Tech and the scientific research base construction and National key S&T Special Projects, all kinds of public welfare specific projects, national and provincial natural science foundation projects, the declaration of military projects, international cooperation projects, approval, process management, appraisal, rewarding achievements, technological development, technology transfer, technical services, technical consulting, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, production investigation etc. It also cooperates with the management of funds for scientific research and sets and manages science and technology research institutes. The academicians of CAS complete service work in the Tianjin area, engage in statistical work of science and technology, participate in science and technology talent team construction and build associations for science and technology work. Other work is assigned by the department superior and the school leaders.

Humanities & Social Sciences

TUST consists of 4 schools in the fields of humanities and social sciences, including the School of Artistic Design , School of Economy and Management, School of Foreign Languages , International College, School of Sciences.The nine specialized research institutions are Institute of Economic and Social Development, Institute of State Economy, Institute of Intercultural Communication, Institute of Finance and Development, Institute of China Contemporary Problems and Institute of Ecological Civilization. 


Tianjin University of Science & Technology

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