The library was founded in 1958. The collection of books was set up from the libraries of Tianjin Paper Making School and the Tianjin Food Industry School. With the Transferring of the specialty of paper making from Tianjin University in 1971, some of its books were incorporated into the collection. The documents and books concerning papermaking and food specialties were acknowledged as meeting the research level requirements. Now the new library has an area of 9300 square meters, the collection is 550000 books and over 2500 categories of journals both in Chinese and foreign language and there are 500 seats for readers.

There are 39 librarians, and 26 of them have college education back ground, 7 librians have hign professional titles, 12 middle-level titles and 10 primary titles.The library has a lot of computers and a computerized circulation system went into application in March 1995. Its catalogueuses the per feet library computer management system recommended by the State Education Commission. A second level station for information search and retrieval of the Chinese academic journals(CD-ROM edition) and a long-distance dialing system has been set up to develop a Tianjin science and technology information CD-ROM search and retrieval service. 'Information Search and Retrieval' is a required course for all students. 


Tianjin University of Science & Technology

1038 Dagu Nanlu, Hexi District, Tianjin, P.R.china