TUST VP Met with NU VP

  April 15-16, a delegation of four headed by Dr. Kevin G. Creagh, Vice President of Niagara University (NU) of the U.S., visited Tianjin University of Science and Technology (TUST) to have discussions on collaboration on joint MBA program, staff and students exchange, summer school, teachers training and scientific research. Professor Cheng Bowen, Vice President of TUST, met with the American guests at TUST Hexi Campus. Leaders of International Exchange Office and College of Economics and Management joined the meeting.

  Professor Cheng Bowen welcomed the visitors and expressed his thanks for NP’s strong support for the collaboration between the two universities. He said that Dr. Kevin G. Creagh is an old friend of TUST and his visit this time plays a key role in pushing forward the collaboration between the two universities. He thanked Dr. Kevin G. Creagh for inviting TUST staff and students to visit NU.

  Dr. Kevin G. Creagh said that the two universities understand each other very well in discussing joint MBA and MFS 3+1+1 programs. NU is sure that the future for collaboration is very bright and will give full support to the joint programs.

  Afternoon of April 15, visitors from NU visited TUST Coastal Area Campus, gave presentations about joint programs to TUST students and answered the questions of the students.

  April 16, the visitors visited College of Economics and Management, had a meeting with leaders, teachers and students of that college and answered questions about the joint programs.



  About the joint programs


  TUST students study at Business College of NU at their fourth year. After 1 year study at NU, the students return to TUST to receive their certificates of graduation and bachelor degree after their credits earned at NP are recognized by TUST and they meet relevant requirements. After that, they go back to NP to study for another year. Then they will get certificates of graduation and master in MBA or MFS degree from NU if they meet all the requirements. Qualifications: Registered full-time students of TUST, good academic performance at TUST, TOEFL above 79, IELTS above 6.0, or CET 6 above 450.

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