VP Wang Min Met with SIT Delegation

On January 2nd, a delegation from Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) led by Professor Lim Kok Hwa, Director, Professional Officers Division, Mr. Keh Ngen Fatt, Head of RaPID Centre and Deputy Director, POD, and Dr. Mabel Wang Rong, Capability Development Lead (Food Technology), POD, visited Tianjin University of Science and Technology (TUST). The visitors were received by Professor Wang Min, Vice President of TUST. Administrators from International Exchange Office, College of Biotechnology, and College of Food Science and Engineering attended the meeting.

Professor Wang Min extended a warm welcome to the visitors and provided an overview of TUST's history, educational characteristics, talents cultivation, faculty team, discipline and specialty construction, scientific research, community service, and international exchanges and cooperation. She shared TUST’s experiences in industry-education integration platform construction, technology transfer, TUST science park, and the establishment of modern industry institutes. She emphasized that the "joint construction, management, and sharing" between universities and enterprises is a key initiative to promote distinctive development in universities and enhance the quality of talents cultivation. TUST is seizing the significant opportunity presented by the national "Double First-Class" initiative, focusing on major national and regional development strategies, striving to build a high-level characteristic university with outstanding advantages, and looking forward to learning from SIT’s industry-academia-research cooperation and interdisciplinary innovative talents cultivation. TUST is ready to cooperate with SIT in teacher-student exchanges and scientific research collaborations, writing a new chapter in the exchange and cooperation between Chinese and Singaporean higher education institutions.


Professor Lim Kok Hwa introduced the educational feature of SIT, which advocates a continuous work-learning culture, encourages lifelong learning, and fosters a culture of continuously improving skills and relearning. Mr. Keh Ngen Fatt and Dr. Mabel Wang Rong shared case studies on school-enterprise cooperation achievements and their respective research clusters.

Participants had extensive discussions on cooperation in international industry-academia-research collaboration and R&D platform construction, technological innovation, and talents cultivation in subjects such as biotechnology and food science.

After the meeting, the visitors visited several facilities, including the National Key Laboratory of Food Nutrition and Safety, Food Processing Laboratory, and the instrument sharing platform of College of Food Science and Engineering.

On January 3rd, Wang Min and SIT visitors visited Haihe Dairy Products Company for an international industry-academia-research-application exchange seminar.

Haihe Dairy Products Company, a major dairy supplier for Tianjin and an important strategic partner of TUST, has established a "Joint Laboratory for Dairy Product Research and Innovation Development" and an industry-education integrated graduate workstation with TUST. Mr. Zou Yang, Chairman of Haihe Dairy, along with deputy general manager and heads of relevant departments, attended the meeting. Participants engaged in thorough discussions on international industry-academia-research collaboration and R&D platform construction, laying a solid foundation for opening up new channels of cooperation and jointly advancing technological innovation and results transformation.

Tianjin University of Science & Technology

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