Lecture on Laws, Regulations and Safety Held for International Teachers and Students

    Afternoon, May 9, 2019, invited by TUST, two police officers from Department of Entry and Exit Administration of Public Security Bureau of Tianjin gave a lecture on laws, regulations and safety to more than 200 international teachers and students from 21 countries. The lecture aimed to improve daily management of international teachers and students, help them learn laws and regulations in their work, study and life, especially visa and residence permit.  

    The lecture included the importance of learning China’s laws and regulations, procedures for applying for and changing of visa, residence permit and passport. It was stressed that foreigners working and studying in China must abide by China’s laws, stay away from drugs, avoid drunk driving, illegal residence, unauthorized work etc. Video clips of real stories warn the watchers to avoid excessive drinking and fraud. Suggestions on daily accommodation safety, fire prevention, avoiding fraud, theft prevention, psychological disease screening and traffic safety were also given. The students must abide by China’s laws and regulations, as well as regulations of TUST, focus on their study and self development, enhance safety awareness, successfully complete their studies. After the lecture, the police officers answered questions from the attendees.  
    International teachers and students said that the lecture improved their knowledge about China’s laws and regulations, enhanced their safety awareness, they enjoyed the lecture very much.

Tianjin University of Science & Technology

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