Thai Student Awarded Third Prize at First "Joyful Reading China" International Student Storytelling Competition

Miss BANTEP WARITSARAPORN, a Thai student majoring in Chinese International Education from College of Humanities and Law, TUST, won the third prize in the first "Joyful Reading China" International Student Storytelling Competition in China. Over 100 international students from 43 countries who are studying at 45 Chinese universities were selected for the finals after the preliminary competition. The event was hosted by Shanghai Normal University and co-organized by the Shanghai Higher Education Language Association.

During the live competition presentation, Miss BANTEP WARITSARAPORN gave a speech titled "Principal Zhang Guimei - The Torch Bearer", vividly telling the story of Ms. Zhang Guimei, a model of the times, an annual touching figure in China, and a recipient of the July 1st Medal. She paid tribute to Ms. Zhang Guimei and learned from her spirit of being a Torch bearer. Miss BANTEP WARITSARAPORN's heartfelt speech fully demonstrated her excellent Chinese expression ability and deep understanding and recognition of Chinese culture, which won the approval of the judges and applause from the audience, showcasing the elegant demeanor of our international students. Miss BANTEP WARITSARAPORN, tutored by Ms. Li Ziyin, received strong support from International Exchange Office and College of Humanities and Law.


The first "Joyful Reading China" International Student Storytelling Competition is the first event of its kind nationwide that focuses on telling Chinese stories and spreading Chinese voices to international students. It aims to improve their Chinese language application ability and expression, inherit and spread excellent Chinese culture, and showcase a real, three-dimensional, and comprehensive image of China to the world. This award demonstrates the quality of TUST international student education program.

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