Evening Party for the 60th Anniversary of TUST Held

    During the past 60 years, TUST has stayed true to its original aspiration. In the evening on September 21, the evening party for the 60th anniversary of TUST was held in the stadium of Binhai Campus. Schoolfellows of TUST gathered together from all parts of the world. They reviewed the eventful journey of their alma mater over the past six decades, and expressed their attachment towards TUST and looked forward into her more brilliant future.

    Leaders of TUST, such as Han Jinyu, Xia Jingbo, Zhang Aihua, Lu Fuping, Li Zhanyong, Xing Jun, representatives of schoolfellows, and nearly 3,000 teachers and students watched the evening party. These at present also included experts of BRICS think tanks. The evening party was broadcast to the world through live streaming.

    The party included four parts: “Early Years”, “Splendid History”, “Eventful Past”, and “Pursuing New Dreams”. The party kicked off amid jubilant folk music ensemble “Dragons Rising and Tigers Leaping”. The first chapter began amid recitation “History of TUST”, featuring poem, music, and painting. The screen showed old photos, which recorded the journey of TUST, growing from Hebei Institute of Light Industry and Tianjin Institute of Light Industry to TUST. Schoolfellows and students at school expressed their gratitude and blessing to their alma mater with a slogan “Tianjin University of Science & Technology, my alma mater, happy birthday”. Amid the singing “Stay True to the Mission”, the screen displayed the education achievements of each school over the years, which showed that the whole university will remain true to their original aspiration and renew their efforts to forge ahead. With vigorous rhythm and firm strides, dance “Cradle of Technology” showcased the spirit and character of TUST, namely diligence, virtue, discretion, and pragmatism.

    In the melodious music, the party entered the second chapter. Faculty choir, teachers' representatives, and schoolfellows’ representatives graced the stage by performing “Heart of TUST”, “Mother in the Dream”, “Beautiful Home”, “Love Each Other”, and other songs, praising their wonderful youth in TUST. Since its inception, TUST has nurtured around 130 thousand students, who have contributed to the glorious achievements of light industry. During interview, schoolfellows expressed their blessing to the 60th anniversary of their alma mater, including Shi Xiaowei, a member of the Expert Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Li Yongjing, President (Asia Pacific) of the Nutrition and Health Division of Dupont, and Luan Jianzhang, Director of the Research Office of International Department of the Central Committee of CPC. The strong affection of TUST schoolfellows and students was crystallized in chorus “Hymn to Tianjin University of Science & Technology”.

    Amid dynamic music, the party entered the third chapter. Dance “The Best Stage” and aerobics dancing “Dancing Youth” showed the vigor and vitality of students and displayed the inclusive and dynamic campus culture. Alumni associations in each corner of the country, representatives of national defense students guarding the frontier of the motherland, and schoolfellow representatives in the US, all sent blessing videos to celebrate the 60th anniversary of their alma mater. Lu Yongping, a senior schoolfellow returning from the US, sang “Grateful Heart” and “Schoolfellows”, expressing sincere, intense gratitude towards TUST.

    With firm strides, national defense students stepped to the stage and raised the curtain of the fourth chapter with dance “Pursuing Dreams”. Having nurtured talents for six decades, TUST is embarking on a new journey for new dreams. Song “China has entered a new era” was followed by recitation “Sailing”: “Following the footstep of the motherland, we have set sail to pursue the dreams of the Chinese nation and TUST”.  

     TUST values virtue, scholarship and practice, and students of TUST love the nation, the university, and the people. The evening party culminated at “School Song of Tianjin University of Science & Technology”. All teachers, students, and schoolfellows stood up and sang the song. The party concluded with the song “Ode to the Motherland”.

Since June this year, around 400 performers have participated in rehearsal. All programs were performed by teachers, students and schoolfellows of TUST.

President of Assumption University of Thailand, President of Valdosta State University of the US, President of Futian University of Japan, and teachers and students’ representatives of Assumption Middle School of Thailand, all sent their blessing videos.

 According to data, on September 20-21, Weibo accounts of 105 colleges and universities, 86 clubs and organizations of institutions of higher learning, and self-media Weibo accounts sent blessings to TUST. And the theme of the anniversary “Anniversary of TUST” reaped nearly five million hits and topped among national education and campus topics for two consecutive days. On the day of the anniversary, 17 thousand netizens watched the conference via Weibo live streaming and 80 thousand netizens watched the evening party via Weibo live streaming. During the anniversary, TUST's itust media center set up a special team, which took charge of live streaming of all activities. Ultra HD equipment was used for the live streaming. Technically, the equipment realized seamless switching among multiple machines, rendering synchronous, ultra HD images.

The performance was well received among teachers, students, and schoolfellow representatives.

Ai Zongwen, a schoolfellow of the School of Paper-making enrolled in 1998 and Chairman of Car Home Group, said that the evening party enabled them to look back the history of TUST during the past 60 years, as well as their memorable youth.

Cheng Dai, a representative of young teachers of the College of Food Engineering and Biotechnology, said that the familiar scenes and rhythm appeared in the party brought tears to their eyes. Over the past 60 years, TUST has reaped impressive progress. It is expected that the whole university make concerted effort for greater achievements.

Luo Shan, a student of the College of Law and Political Science, said that he felt that he was so close to the history of TUST. He said that he was lucky to witness the glory and achievement of TUST. He believed that a better future of TUST calls for joint efforts of all students.

Education features prominently on the agenda of the state and the Party. In his speech at the national education conference held on September 10, General Secretary Xi Jinping expounded on the strategic positioning of higher education. Going forward, TUST will continue to follow Xi Jinping's thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics. With the 60th anniversary as a new starting point, TUST will stick to the education development concept of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and remain committed to the school-running orientation of socialism. It will work to nurture talents with virtue, and build itself into a first-rate university with distinctive features, in a way to train talents capable of shouldering the task of national rejuvenation and contributing more to the prosperity of China’s higher education.


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