One Hundred-year Dream of Cultivating Talents: Grand Opening of the Museum of TUST History

   On the morning of September 19, the opening ceremony of the Museum of Tianjin University of Science & Technology (TUST) History was held outside the museum on the first floor, area A, main building of Hexi campus. Leaders attending the opening ceremony included: Han Jinyu, deputy secretary of the CPC Committee and president of TUST, Xia Jingbo, deputy secretaries of the CPC Committee of TUST, Lu Fuping and Li Zhanyong, deputy presidents of TUST, and Xing Jun, secretary of the Committee for Discipline Inspection. More than 50 people attended the opening ceremony, including university officials, alumni representatives, teachers and students. The Museum of TUST History was unveiled jointly by Han Jinyu (president of TUST), Wu Jianhao (alumni representative), An Liqun (teacher), and Ma Anni (student). Responsible comrades of the publication department of the CPC committee presided over the opening ceremony, and introduced the overall situation of the museum and the preparation process. 

  The Museum of TUST History is located on the second floor, area A, main building of Xihe Campus, covering an area of about 600 square meters. The museum takes "One Hundred-year Dream of Cultivating Talents" as its theme, integrating times and historical background. It organically combines the design technique of "new visual communication" with the modern display space, establishing four major theme display spaces, including 60-Year History, Eventful Years, Pioneering Innovation, and Future Development. The exhibition halls are connected like beads in a streamlined way, with rigorous content, flexible and harmonious space layout. With detailed materials, exhibits and rich means of modern multimedia display, the museum fully shows the glorious history of TUST over the past 60 years, which is a perfect combination of history and modernity, massiness and lightness, quietness and warmth.


  The history of TUST is the true portrayal of the university's founding, changes and development, the historical accumulation of school-running characteristics and cultural heritage, and the common memory of teachers, students and alumni. As an important symbol of TUST's culture, the Museum of TUST History is the materialization of school-running spirit, concept and campus culture. It is an important position for preserving historical, cultural memories as well as inheritance and innovation, which is of great significance for understanding the past, grasping the present, and creating the future. 

  The Museum of TUST History was built with donations from Liang Mingfeng, an alumnus enrolled in 1989, who majored in food fermentation engineering. Liang Mingfeng, the last disciple of JiKeliang (a master of wine industry). In 1998, he founded Guizhou Maotai Town, Guowei Wine (Group) Co., Ltd., as chairman of the Board and Chief Engineer. Knowing that his alma mater celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2018, Mr. Liang gladly returned to TUST despite his busy schedule, reminisced with teachers and students about the years when TUST was called Tianjin Institute of Light Industry, and generously donated special funds for the construction of the Museum of TUST History. The Museum of TUST History is designed and constructed by Shanghai Chunse Culture Communication Co., Ltd. The company is jointly founded by Wu Jianhao, an alumnus enrolled in 1995, who majored in industrial design, and Wu Xiaoming, an alumnus enrolled in 1996, who majored in decoration design. During the construction of the museum, the two alumni have gone back and forth between Tianjin and Shanghai for more than 20 times to discuss relevant matters, devoted great enthusiasm and energy. The selfless feedback from alumni has injected strong momentum into the development of the alma mater. They have never forgotten their original intentions and experiences of ceaselessly strives, vividly interpreting the spirit of the alma mater's motto of "Morality Revering, Learning Revering, and Conduct Revering, as well as Country-loving, School-loving, and Human-loving". They have become important transmitters and promoters of the spirit of TUST.

  The completion of the Museum of TUST History is another landmark achievement in the cultural construction of the university, which shows its high cultural consciousness and confidence, and certainly further rally consensus, inspire morale, improve the school-running level and the quality of personnel training, promoting the development of the university to a new stage.
Photograph: Liu Shaofan, Propaganda Department

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