TUST Students Sparkling at 18th China Challenge Cup Science and Technology Works Contest

18th China Challenge Cup Science and Technology Works Contest was held at Guizhou University from October 27 to October 31.


TUST won 11 prizes, including 1 first prize, 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes, 2 red program third prizes, 2 planet level black technology display works, 1 satellite level black technology display work. TUST made new breakthroughs at this contest.

The following are the details of TUST prize winners:

First Prize: Study on Utilization of Vegetable Disposals in Modern Countryside

From: College of Economics and Management

Team members: Gao Rui, Huang Qimeng, Gan Wenxin, Chen Yiping, Hu Na, Gong Ying, Xiao Yuxuan, Wang Yifan

Tutors: Han Weiwei, Xue Xianli, Yu Liyan


Second Prize: China Leading Magnetron Endoscope Capsule Robot

From: College of Mechanical Engineering

Team Members: Hou Yingying, Cui Haoye, Huang Hehong, Huang Jie, Ji Zilei, Meng Xianwei, Ban Leyao, Wu Junran

Tutors: Zhang Peisen, Weng Lingtao


Second Prize: Multi-scene Integrated Intelligent Health Detection Platform Ranging from Pathogenic Microorganisms to Small Molecules

From: College of Artificial Intelligence

Team members: Xu Ruixuan, Xiong Xin, Li Zhiyang, Guo Haoyu, Gao Xinyi, Wang Zijing, Ji Yanxiu, Zhang Mingchao

Tutors: Wang Yuan, Ma Long


Third Prize: Electrochemical Sensor for Screening Clam Toxin-specific Peptides Based on Computer Simulation

From: College of Food Science and Engineering

Team members: Chen Lei, Zhang Rui, Wang Huiting, Meng Yuan, Shi Jinghui, Huang Dehao, Pang Yidan, Kang Yushu

Tutor: Liu Bing


Third Prize: Research on the Efficiency and Empowerment Strategies of Immortal Flower Practitioners under the Demand of Value-added Increase of the Hand-made Products by the Disabled

From: College of Artistic Design

Team members: Xiao Xinyang, Shi Jiawen, Yang Li, Liu Changyun, Chen Yantong, Gao Yidan, Zhao Xitong, Chen Baicheng

Tutors: Fu Tengfei, Zheng Lipeng, Sun Guangrui


Third Prize: Research on the After Storm Urban Resilience Model

From: College of Economics and Management

Team members: Chen Lu, Zhao Hongya, Wang Chengjian, Yang Xi, Wang Xingyi, Yang Zihan, Wang Ziyang, Ma Junyu

Tutors: Sun Zhenqing, He Yankun, Lin Jianheng


Tianjin University of Science & Technology

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